"Put me in a room with a pad and a pencil and set me up against a hundred people with a hundred computers - I'll outcreate every goddamn sonofabitch in the room."

          -Ray Bradbury, Wired October 1998


As the new digital channels become more popular, the need for professional multimedia production increases. Broadband, Internet, services like YouTube, digital TV, mobile phones with cameras and new digital camcorders have made it possible for anybody to create and share digital content. However, blurry shaking picture and hobbyist skills are not always enough. Companies and organizations are also using more and more multimedia and video in external and internal communications. New channels require new kinds of competencies.

The mission for Strand MediaLabs is to offer professional videography and editing services for customers. Our special strength is understanding of new digital channels and technologies.

Strand MediaLabs offers services to customers who need high-quality content and flexible and fast service. We combine traditional video editing experience with the ability to produce and edit digital multimedia. We believe that future communications is increasingly based on multimedia and information networks are the channel. Our philosophy is to be the media production company of the new era and enable the delivery of moving picture - whatever the channel.

We have the necessary equipment to fulfil even the most demanding customer needs and if we would not have something you need, we will get it. The digital technology has brought professional video and sound editing for everybody to take use of. However, the key question is not what are the tools, but how they are used. Our most important tool is creativity. Leave technology to us, all that matters is the end result.


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