Broad experience on video production

From small shoots to multi-camera productions

Here are just some examples from productions we have done during last few years. We would be glad to come and discuss more about our references.

Vain Elämää and POP Bank

POP Bank met stars of the Finnish "Vain Elämää" TV-series on a VIP cruise in the Baltic Sea in fall 2016. The video was shot and edited by us.



City of Espoo and "Our trash" -project

The project was started by the city of Espoo to decrease littering and vandalism. During 2015, 1700 children got a chance to design 176 artistic trash bins. Environment designer Niko Riepponen and the children from the school of Westend discuss the results of this experiment.

Arman and HSY blind recycling challenge

HSY and Arman Alizad challenged people from the street of Helsinki to recycle blind on 5.10.2015. We were also there with our videocameras. See the highlights of our tour in Helsinki.



Aerial videography

We are now doing also aerial videography. Modern multicopters have opened a whole new angle to videography and make it possible to take the camera to places where it has previously been impossible or too expensive. Whether it's event production, commercials, real estate marketing or just getting epic scenery shots, we can the camera to the sky.

Aikamiehet 50 years

Male choir Aikamiehet was founded in 1964 and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in year 2014. The year included many different events, including a concert at the Helsinki Hall of Culture in October. We filmed the event with several video cameras.



Slush 2017

Slush is the focal point for Eurasian startups and technology talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. The event took place in Helsinki Fair Center in November 2017. We were there to film interviews for our customers and also to capture the atmosphere. Some moments from the event are shown on the sample video here.

Laura Tuomi

Music video is an art form in its own right. Productions combine the vision and talent of many different artists and professionals. During year 2014, we have had the honor of producing several great music video projects. Laura Tuomi is one of these. She is a woman with a guitar, storyteller and music is a way of life for her. This spring we produced her first music video "Olen nähnyt rajan" (I have seen the border).



Corporate presentations, product demos, brand videos and testimonials are familiar to us. The objective might be to awaken emotions, provide information or visualize ideas. What ever the need, we will find the necessary audiovisual means. In 2016-2017, we produced a series of videos for Sodexo. The videos presented their lunch restaurants and conference centres around Finland.


Kasperi Salokoski & Nuance

Beauty. Today. Season. Mood. Tradition. Simplicity.
Kasperi Sarikoski & Nuance draws influences from all these things. Genre-wise you might say they move somewhere in between jazz and rock. That, of course, has already been done many a time. However, this band aims to make the music sound their own. Have they succeeded? Well, that you must find out for yourself. Read more from



Messukeskus / Finnish Fair Corporation

Finnish Fair Corporation has been our customer for several years. We have produced event videos, customer and visitor interviews and marketing videos for social media. Fast paced events and tight production schedules are familiar to us.


We filmed the 2013 and 2014 Rock & Swing dance finnish championships for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The program was broadcasted in the finnish television and online TV.



Sportmama DVD is a training program designed by a physiotherapeutist for pregnant women. We were responsible for the whole production from planning to filming and post-production. DVD is available from the web store at




The most challenging part in filming musical events is the sound. We have filmed and recorded simphony orchestras, choirs as well as solo artists. Our objective is clear: to capture the atmosphere of the event as fully as possible - like you would be actually sitting in the audience.



Maija Lepistö

Tight co-operation between the performing artists and the production team is needed when working with cultural events. Thorough planning ensures that the right elements are emphasized in the final program. Dancer-choreographer Maija Lepistö is one of the most expressive Finnish flamenco dancers. We have filmed several of her performances.




Finnish Cheerleading Federation

Sports events require technical competencies. In order to capture the athletes' performances, one must have several cameras, the environment and the schedules are usually challenging and there is only one take. We have filmed competitions, highlights and training videos for the Finnish Cheerleading Federation for several years.





Isac Elliot & Samsung

Isac Elliot perfomed for winners of a Samsung competition in Helsinki Samsung Experience Store on 10th of May 2014. We were also there. ;)


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